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About Glow Hair Co.

Who we are

Glow Hair Co. was envisioned as more than just a salon; it's a nurturing space where stylists flourish, confidence is instilled in our clients, and a collective celebration of inner beauty takes place.

Embark on a unique journey with us, where our skilled team crafts tailor-made experiences to meet your distinct needs. Within the embrace of Glow Hair Co., you're not just stepping into a salon – you're stepping into a realm of escape, celebration, and above all, an opportunity to radiate your inner and outer beauty with a vibrant GLOW.


Our collective team possesses a wealth of knowledge, dedicated to curating a premium experience for each and every client we serve. Continuing our education to provide the best techniques and products is something that we pride ourselves in. Bound together by our passion to assist our clients, we are excited for the opportunity to work with you!

  • Amanda Mitchell
    Owner - Glow Hair Co.

    Amanda began her journey in the Hair Industry back in 2009, with her graduation from Paul Mitchell the School Rexburg. Being from the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas, her dream had always been to infuse the charm of a high-end luxury salon into the heart of Idaho Falls. This aspiration materialized as Glow Hair Co., a culmination of years of envisioning and passion.

    With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Amanda ceaselessly cultivates innovative strategies to propel the business forward and enhance the experience for Glow Hair Co.'s cherished clientele. Her boundless creativity and impeccable attention to detail consistently breathe new life into the salon's offerings. Beyond hairstyling, Amanda's vision is for every individual stepping through the doors of Glow Hair Co. to depart not only looking radiant but also feeling truly luminous from within.

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